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Hello Our client has been an Office 365 subscriber for several years and has a mixture of Business Premium and Business Essentials licences for their staff members. Today, we have added 3 new users to their subscription and allocated new Business Premium licences to those users. After waiting an hour or so, we have attempted to set up Outlook (2016) with the email profile of one of those new users. Each time we try and add the account, we get the error - "An encrypted connection to your mail server is not available" We also tried adding the email accounts of the other two new users as well, to find that the same issue occurs. We've run the Microsoft Remote Connectivity Analyzer and that shows some issues with Autodiscover. Attached is a screen shot of that error.


Three points perhaps also worth noting.

  • We can log into Office 365 online with the credentials of all three new users and use Outlook online, so we know credentials for the new users are good.
  • Existing users are not having any issues in using Outlook on their devices
  • We have also tried setting up the new accounts on a device at a different location and the issue also occurs on that device as well.


Any assistance would be welcome.

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..well sort of, anyway.


Turns out a few weeks ago, the staff at this client had no access to Focused Inbox.  It simply wasnt available in the View options of Outlook.


To remedy that, we ran PowerShell on their tenant and ran the command 

Set-OrganizationConfig -OAuth2ClientProfileEnabled $true

that configured Modern Authentication which is a requirement for the Focused Inbox feature.  Focused Inbox then became available for all users and we thought that was the end of that matter .


It seems, however, that enabling Modern Authentication has broken the ability to use AutoDiscover in configuring Outlook profiles.


We've reversed the Modern Authentication command with 

Set-OrganizationConfig -OAuth2ClientProfileEnabled $false

...and in doing so, we can now add our new users into their Outlook profiles.


If reversing this command disables Focused Inbox again, we may need to revisit that, but that's less of a priority for us and one for another day!