Tenant to Tenant Migration because of Renaming the Tenant

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We have to get rid of our Tenant Name due to aquisition. I know that there is no renaming functionality for a Tenant and the only way to do this is creating a new Tenant and migrate into the new one.


I have the good stand that we dont have Exchange online used, only used the Office 365 Tenant with Azure AD Sync and ADFS.


Can i add now the new Tenant to Azure AD Connect directly to start Building up the new tenant with all the configuration, i know i have to do somewhere then a switchover also for my Clients (Logins Office 365)…. Whats the best practice for this or do you have some recomendations? IM not Talking About the Migration of Exchange Data or anything inside, Im just Talking About getting the Identities into the new Tenant to start Building up again.


Thank you in advance

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You can't sync to multiple tenants with the same AD Connect instance! You can Create another AD Connect installation and sync to a different tenant but not with the same objects!


I recommend:

Stop sync!

Uninstall ADconnect

Reinstall and sync to new tenant - Configure ADFS for the new tenant


/ Adam

Thanks Adam for quick Response,


regarding your post...


- what means not with the same objects, when i move to new tenant as example newtenant.onmicrosoft.com my guess was that i Change in on-prem AD the Users UPN to user@newtenant.onmicrosoft.com then start synchonization to new tenant




As long as the synchronization is stopped!

If you're gonna use the same custom domain in the new tenant, every object/user in the old tenant with that domain must be disconnected from that domain and then this has to be removed from the tenant


/ Adam