Standard deployment configurations for Office deployment now available


Do you need to customize your Office deployment, or do you need to deploy a standard configuration?  Maybe you just need to add Visio to an existing deployment?  A new feature is now available in the Office Customization Tool for Click-to-Run that allows you to access preconfigured Office deployment configurations that can be used with the Office Deployment Tool.


When you sign into the Office Customization Tool for Click-to-Run you will see an updated experience that allows you to access standard configurations for Office deployment as well as the set of customized Office deployment configurations that you may have created or uploaded.


std configs.png


The list of standard Office deployment configurations includes 64bit and 32bit configurations for Office 365 ProPlus on Semi-annual channel and Monthly Channel as well as configurations that utilize intelligent matching features to simplify adding Visio and/or Project to a device that already have Office 365 ProPlus installed.  In addition to these configurations we have also included a configuration that allows you to uninstall MSI and C2R based Office installations in situations where you need to start with a clean install or troubleshooting a deployment issue.


To get started, sign in as an admin at  When you navigate to the Device Configuration page you will see the ‘Standard configurations’ tab by default.  Simply choose one of the configurations and click the ‘Download’ or ‘Get Link’ button.  If you download the XML, you can reference it on the command line using the local or UNC path.  If you get the link you can simple call setup.exe with the desired action and reference the URL on the command line, i.e. setup.exe /configure "" (note the use of “ “ to reference the URL).  For more information on using the Office deployment tool refer to the documentation published here.


Important – please ensure you have downloaded the latest version of the Office Deployment Tool


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