Problem with Office 365 ProPlusRetail Deployment tool

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I have a problem with installing Office365ProPlusRetail

I took the latest version of the Office365 deployment tool, installed it locally on my computer, launched cmd, and typed the command: c: \ Office365 \ setup.exe / download /configuration.xml

configuration.xml file is made from official microsoft site

https: //

configuration.xml its in the attachment I also tried with the defaul configuration.xml file I always get the following error. If anyone has a problem solution?
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All that was attached was a screen shot of the error 30029-1007


Here are some similar issues with the error code and the results:


In order for me to help attach the XML you created so I can review. I would also suggest that you run /download and confirm the FULL client is downloaded and then run /configure.  We can work through this once I am able to review the XML you used for the install.  


Thanks for help, I have resolved my problem. It was the XML file bad. 

You helped me with the link, thank you.