Phased migration with Google Apps

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I'm looking to enable the following scenario :


 - transitioning users from Google to an already existing office365 tenant

 - we want users coming from google to have O365 account to use Sharepoint + Onedrive + SfB, etc. ... but to have mail directed to them to go to their google mail accounts


Here's what we've done so far:


- added the domain and verified it via O365 admin console

- have not yet setup MX to receive mail at O365

- setup a mail connector to route mail to that domain to Google as per google's instructions.   Validation mail goes through.  When sending messages, email bounce in O365 with 5xx error to state "no user with that address found"


Has anyone setup O365+Gmail in this way?

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Hi @Sean McHugh. Did you solve this issue?

I have a similar challenge I believe. Customer wants to keep using Google Apps email for now but is using O365 SharePoint. How do I get emails generated in O365 to send to the Google system?

I hope to hear from you?

It was pretty simple ... i was missing one piece of information about O365 connectors to finally complete this.


a.) setup the mail domain on your O365 tenant using TXT record validation

b.) setup an O365 connector to route mail to that domain via the published Google MX.

c.) on the Accepted Domains tab of the Mail Flow settings, change the domain from Authoritative to Internal Relay



as long as it's not "authoritative" it should work without issues. Internal relay also tries to deliver locally first. Using Criteria Based Routing is the alternative to the method you just described

I think I've done the correct configuration but the validation step always fails. Is this normal? Thanks.
Another question, should the Exchange inbox be enabled or disabled?
Thank you.