Password write back with Office 365 E3 License.

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We are going to migrate 600 users from Exchange On-premise to Office 365 E3 license. We are synching On-Premise Active Directory with Azure AD using Azure AD Connect Server with Pass-Through Authentication agent.


With the On-premise Exchange server, all the users can reset their password through OWA. 

  • When their password expired
  • When do they wish to change the password

As I read, Password write-back is not licensed as part of Office 365 E3 license. Can the users change their password from when their password is expired or when they wish to change the password?



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Hi, you are correct, password writeback does not work with only Office 365 E3.  In order to use it, each of your users will need an Azure AD Premium P1 licence.  You can get this in a number of ways including;


Standalone P1 licence

Microsoft 365 Business Premium



Hope this helps.

@RAJAKUMAR SELVARAJ I agree with Peter, and if you enable Password Write-Back consider enabling also SSPR, Self Service Password Reset, that will provide your users the ability to reset their password on their own without involving your support team guys. To reset the password you can configure multiple MFA options like a cell phone call, SMS, cell phone App push message, security questions etc.


But if you are not able to upgrade or change your license then you may still provide your users the option to change their password by using the on-premises Exchange OWA site. 


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