Office365 -Subscriptions not showing up

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I have purchased Office365 online from Microsoft Store. when I login to Microsoft Portal for Office 365, I can see it under my "orders"  but when I click on "Services and Subscriptions" I don't see it listed and therefore cannot install. Please assist



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Hi, from do you see the Billing menu as shown below?


Screenshot 2020-08-11 at 11.30.57.png


You should be able to see your subscription under Your Products, and also under Licences,


Thanks for your reply.  Sorry forgot to mention its Office 365 Family ( Home ) not the  Enterprise one. 

Under Billing - I can see my order payments 

Under Subscription and Services - I dont see it listed ( though I have another subscription of Office365 Family purchased last month,  which is listed )







Hmm that's odd.  I'd suggest giving it a little time to see if it shows up, and if it doesn't then you may need to open a support ticket with Microsoft.



Its almost 24 Hours now ..anyway, will wait till tomorrow and then see 


I had chat with Microsoft and they said you cannot have multiple Office365 Subscriptions in the same account, so it was my mistake as I was not aware of it. Microsoft agreed to refund me.

Thank You all for your assistance.






@PeterRising I have purchased Office365 online from Microsoft Store a couple of months ago. When I login to Microsoft Portal for Office 365, I can't see it under my "orders"  neither when I click on "Services and Subscriptions". The problem is, the same day, about 5 minutes after I have purchased it, they deducted and I know that I get the first month free. When I asked why this happened it was told to me that I as mistaken. I have emailed them back with proof that money was deducted from account about 5 minutes after I purchased, but to this day nobody replied. It has been a couple of months now, probably just over 2 months, and I would have thought it would show on my Order History, but nothing. I have mentioned that I would like a refund and will not be using MS Office any longer because I did not agree to money being deducted from my account 5 minutes after purchase!!! 

I do not work, so I hardly have any money in my account and that day Microsoft took my last that I had. I was going to pay full for the year a month after my free trial, but Microsoft just robbed me. SO unprofessional, the reply I got back. Please assist as soon as possible because I am just getting more pissed everyday when I check and don't see my subscription on my Order History, which makes me think I was scammed in some way!!!!