Office 365 Pro Plus Download via ODT w/ SCCM

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So I am working with SCCM to do some deployments of office pro plus to our folks, unfortunately I am in a position where I have to include like 7 languages so the install is getting up there in size, pretty substantial...when I tried to do separate downloads of project and visio to lighten the load, I noticed my bits were the same size across the board...


it didnt matter what product I put in the download XML, only time it changed was when I was specifying x86 vs x64


only other way I can think of lightening the payload is in the task sequence probing for the languages and selecting different sccm payloads, but that can get messy quick...



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Hi Russell,


When you download Office from the CDN to a local source (using /download via ODT or by creating an Application in SCCM), the core package that is downloaded contains all the Office apps.  As you noted you will see a difference between x86 and x64 but currently there is no way to only download a subset of the Office apps.  For customers that need to manage the deployment of Office from a local source we recommend downloading the core Office files and the language packs that may be needed to a single location.  Using this location you can create multiple configuration XML files for the various deployments you need to manage within your environment.


Thanks Chris,

That is pretty much what I did after the I am revamping some methodology and offerings in SCCM