Office 365 mass deployment

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Afternoon,  what is the best way to do a deployment of Office 365 to PCs that are running on Win 7 and Win 10?  Looking for an easy way to move all my users from various versions on Office to Office 365.  Thank you all in advance.  

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Which version of office 365 are you looking to use or possibly perhaps its worth looking at M365 as this also includes windows 10 ?

We have Business Premium.  The deployment tool I saw says all PCs have to be on Windows 10.  Just looking for ideas on how to deploy without going to each PC and sit there to wait for it to be done.  

How many seats are you looking to deploy ?



You may consider deploying O365 usin ODT - office deployment tool.


for more details refer the below article :




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@Robin Nishad 


Will that work if some machines are currently on Win 7?  We are in the process of switching to Windows 10.  



Yes that should work