O365 E3 deployment


Good Morning,

I am investigating Office 365 for a NHS Community Care Group and GP's(Surgeries/Medical Practices)

We will need to use E3 licences because the EPR (Electronic Patient System - S1/EMIS) systems need a local install of Word.

Will no doubt be using SCCM, as we are deploying Windows 10 first (awaiting licences).

I know we need to remove Office 10 first and this can be done via SCCM.

SCCM will update PC's and Users will activate O365 ( we maybe using Accenture /NHS Digital hybrid system that works with NHS email security), but how do we install the local version(Office 2019), do the users need to click Download local install or can this be done via SCCM.

In GP land, a user will need to move from one desktop to another dependent on Job Task or Location.

In CCG, they all have laptops.



Thank you all for your time, any small bit of information will be most appreciated


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Hi @Ralphross,


you can even roll out Office 365 with sccm have a look:



Or you can download the Microsoft office deployment tool and share it from your own file share!


I hope that helps you out?


Hi @svenseidenberg 


Thank you for your information, when using SCCM, I know it will install the cloud version ok, but do you need to configure it to also install the Desktop version without user intervention?