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I know that the SharePoint community has the ‘AutoSPInstaller’ as an option – this ‘automates’ the installation and various SP settings.  


Does anything similar exist for Office365 Tenant provisioning – where all the various Tenant settings are set by running a script (or maybe 10 essential scripts) – so the Tenant is compliant with some kind of Security baseline - so i.e. legacy authentication and all the other MS ‘recommendations’ from Secure Score is set/initiated upon provisioning?   

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When creating a new tenant, Security Defaults is now on by default, so this will get you most of the way there. To read about it, check this out:
The next thing to do is visit the Microsoft Secure Score recommendations

If you need something more customized, a Microsoft Partner can help. DM me if you would like a quote.

@Joe Stocker  - narh... no quote nessesary 


With conditional Access policies enabled in your environment, security defaults won't be available to you


Maybe someday, someone will "create" an 'AutoSPinstaller' - or maybe MS makes some automation in the Secure Score   :)