New Forest Migration

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Hello, I need some help on specifics on the best approach to accomplish the following.  I have found a lot of information, but nothing so far that fits my exact scenario.


I need to migrate my existing AD domain/forest, to a new one...below are specifics:

Current.local domain/forest is in a hybrid configuration with Exchange 2016.  All mailboxes are remote in O365 and we are using AAD with password sync.

The plan is to migrate to domain/forest in the same O365 tenancy keeping the current user's UPN/Email addresses of (obviously used because .local was not routable) 

The domain has the schema extended for Exchange in preparation for a new Exchange server and ADMT is deployed and testing has been done to migrate user objects successfully with the SID history. I added the UPN in AD prior to migrating the test user account, so the migrated test account had both (new domain) and UPNs.  After logging into the new domain, all domain resources are accessible via the Trust to the old domain, and O365 is accessible using AAD connect is not running in this new domain.

So my questions revolve around the Exchange/Hybrid configuration and AAD connect. The end goal is to have the domain running in a Hybrid scenario with a new Exchange server and AAD connect syncing AD. I need to understand the order and steps needed to accomplish this hopefully with a staged approach, and little or no down time...Thanks in advance for the help!



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