Moving Office365 Mailboxes to new Tenancy

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We have acquired a company that has an Office365 tenancy which is fully in the cloud, no on-prem active directory just Exchange mailboxes. I would like to migrate these users from their existing tenancy to our new tenancy, on the data migration section within Office365 I know I can do this from Exchange, Gmail etc, but the Exchange would like me to do a connector with our on-prem which we don't have. What is the best way to move this exchange data from one tenancy to another without having to open the mailboxes up in Outlook, export the PST and re-load the PST? Any help to save time would be appreciated :) Thanks
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Hi David,

Hope you are well.

BitTitan offer great Tenant to Tenant migration services and methodologies: please see here

Tenant to tenant migrations are getting quite common in terms of splits and mergers, acquisitions.

BitTitan also do migrations from on premise to 365 and 365 to on premise without doing PST Exporting and manually moving data.

If you have any other questions let me know.

Best, Chris

Hi David,


As Chris/Vuzion pointed out in earlier response we at BitTitan have browser-based easy tool to migrate the tenant mailboxes, archives and documents. Even Outlook mail profile re-configuration can be automated.

We just need the tenant admin credentials and rest is automated. can demo your specific scenario, setup takes 5 minutes. Or if you prefer to learn yourself:






Antti Ålander