Migration to o365 and handling Outlook Rules

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As we drop tons of email into o365 I expect a large number of complaints in regards to rules for existing email. Gmail will be migrated over and of course filter migrations are not included. I've been unsuccessful in finding a common way to apply Outlook rules against existing emails. 


Rules in the web client only work for incoming messages. In Office pro-plus for Mac there is the "apply all" for rules and that does not seem to work very well at all. The Windows Outlook client actually works but most folks are on Macs. Anyone else run into this during a deployment and have advise?


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How are you migrating from Gmail to Exchange Online? I believe some migration tools can migrate rules from Gmail.
As for now they work on Macs - I can't speak to that as I've not had any experience with it, but ultimately the ruleset should be the same and should be processed on the server side. So if you create a rule in the web - it is applied before it hits the device.
BitTian. from what I've been told there is no tool that can migrate filters to rules.
You're right, MigrationWiz can't migrate rules - but it can migrate labels/folders which might help with some of that problem.