Migrate a mailbox without the archive in a hybrid deployment

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Hi All,

i have an Exchange 2013 hybrid deployment, and i have users with big archive mailboxes, i was trying to migrate the primary mailbox only using the script in the below URL but i receieved this error.


Cannot execute this move. It will result in the primary mailbox being in datacenter and the archive mailbox being
outside the datacenter (on premise). This is not a supported configuration.


Used Script:




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Hi, Teka.


I am running into the same issue.  Did you find a solution?



You cannot have your archive mailbox on-premises and your primary mailbox in Exchange Online.


There are only three options. These are:


1. Both primary and archive mailbox on-premises

2. Primary on-premises and archive mailbox in Exchange Online

3. Both primary and archive mailbox in Exchange Online