Issues with adding proxyaddresses

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I have been struggling with this proxy address issue during the past few days and can't seem to find a way around it. Hope you guys can help. So the issue is I'm not able to add proxyaddress entries to my Exchange Online mailboxes. Can't do this from the cloud (users are read-only) or through on-premise AD.

Here's an example: 

- Adding a proxyaddress to local AD works. This entry syncs to the cloud.

- Adding a proxyaddress to local AD doesn't get synchronized.

There's no on-premises Exchange set up if that makes any difference.

Any help would be much appreciated!

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Hi Joonas,


Have you extended your local AD with Exchange properties ?


In your AD Connect do you have selected Hybrid ?


You will need both to the extended properties of local AD object to be synchronized to Azure AD and Exchange Online.

Thanks for the tips, I'm gonna look into it now.


From the On-premise Exchange have you tried?


Enable-RemoteMailbox user -PrimarySmtpAddress -RemoteRoutingAddress ?

I have same problem. Did you find a solution for this problem?