Issues after moving from global to german (dedicated) datacenter


Hi guys,
I'm having a customer who recently moved from O365 Global to O365 Germany, while retaining his official domain. major steps were:

  • Backup of OneDrive files, backup of E-Mails (just one user, all files in OD4B)
  • Moved domain from global tenant to german one (custom DNS, not O365 managed)
  • Restore files and mails and enable a second user in tenant

The issue we see with users in this tenant is, that for some reason, the second (brand new) user is unable to activate her office client using the official domain, we always have to set the address as primary, then activate, then set back the official domain as primary address. Repeat at least every 30 days.
What can I say: she's not amused.


We already contacted support, who tried a couple of things to get rid of any activation information, but without success. (although she never existed on the old tenant, we found URLs pointing to .com instead .de)


My impression is: there are some "things" left in the global tenant (probably AAD or any discovery service), that makes the office client still try to reach the global tenant.


Right now customer is pretty upset and considers moving back to global tenant, assuming german cloud is not ready.
My feeling is, the problems will remain, as we have artifacts in both "worlds" then, producing the same issues even in happy O365 global tenant.


My questions:
Did any of you experienced similar issues or went through similar scenario?
Any ideas, what could cause these issues?
What do you think about moving back again?


Thanks in advance,

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