How many top level SharePoint site collection can created with Office 365 E3 plan with single Tenant

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We are going to migrate from On-premise Exchange 2013 to Office 365 E3 Plan.


To decide the Single Tenant or Multiple Tenant need help.


We have six accepted domains in our On-Premise Exchange Server. In a single-tenant, we can have up to 900 domains for Exchange online.  It means, can we create six domains like below. ( for OWA) ( for OWA) ( for OWA) ( for OWA) ( for OWA) ( for OWA)



Similarly, for Sharepoint, is it possible to create six top-level site collection domains in a single tenant?


Could you please help? For the above requirement. Should we go for a single tenant or need to go with Multiple tenants?

It would be helpful if you share the Microsoft article as well if supported on a single tenant.


Thanks in advance.


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For unique SharePoint domains you must have multiple tenants. You can create dns forwarders for multiple domains and have them go to different site collections but they will all have the same root url.
Assuming you edited this message is why it showed up in my feed again. For OWA, same story, you cannot have different URL's you have to have multiple tenants if you want the actual URL to show up as those domains, you can always use forwarders, but the URL will show different.