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We have a computer that requires email (and the Office 365 apps) in our shipping department, but we sometimes have different people working in that department and sometimes temporary people. So we don't really want to set up an Office 365 account for "Joe Smith", it would make more sense for the account to be "Shipping Department". Any issues with that that I can't think of? If I made a shared mailbox, I would still need to buy a license in someone's name for the apps on that computer...

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Hi @Microfiche 


You can do it this way, and some of my clients insist on it.


I've always preferred to use their own accounts and receive email in a shared mailbox rather than set up generic users - in terms of keeping track of exactly who has done what or when, it makes it easier from a auditing point of view when we've been tasks with figuring out who sent what out or if something is deleted/amended etc. We tend to also have security concerns with corporate data potentially being open to users/guests/unauthorised users 


I believe most M365 subscriptions allow users to activate on multiple machines, so in your position would encourage users to log in with their own account and access emails through mailbox sharing. 


Provided the organisation understands and accepts security and compliance issues, then you can crack on, but I personally avoid it if possible.

Great - thanks for the insights!