Correct Language and Regional Settings for Office 365


If company starting with Office 365, they want to set language and regional settings to suit their environment. For example, a company in the Czech Republic, but with branches around the world want to use primary English language for some, Czech for some, and some others.


There are a lot of regional settings and language options around Office 365 services. Some can be changed for the whole tenant, some cannot. Some work automatically by user choice or as set by IT, some works with browser language, some with region location from Windows.


I want to make the list of them and publish clear table to TechNet Wiki. Do you help with this task? Thanks!


There are a couple of things which are clear and works fine. For example:


We start with tenant created in the Czech Republic. This set default language to Czech for tenant and display regional to Czech (24-hour format and correct time zone). This can be changed. But for example, e-mail notification about new user account creation came always in Czech even after the change to English in the tenant.


SharePoint primary language is Czech, others can be added to default. But Office 365 Groups are created with English regional settings and time zone in the US. OneDrive for Business is created also in US timezone. And the user cannot change that. But admin can create sites for users with correct settings. But special folders names are created like "Dokumenty" and does not change to "Documents" after the change.


Planner and Office 365 Admin Center show language which user setup in their profile and this can be different from default Czech. But Planner also uses browser language and can switch to a different language sometimes.


So, create and define multinational organizations with correct language options and regional options are hard and differ on each initial setup.

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@Petr Vlk  Does anyone created such overview about the language settings in the meantime?




Hi @André Schiemann, unfortunately seems not. Try to make one if time allows. 

@Petr Vlk  Sign into this site

You will need to be a global admin. This is the new ODT creation tool. You can set languages and specific applications to be installed. DM me with any questions.

Hi @DBarnhart, we know ODT, thanks for the link. We use Config a lot. But Office 365 ProPlus are just a small portion of problem with the overall Office 365 (EXO, SPO, ODB, ...) language settings.