gets a face lift and a few new features

On Monday, Sept 24 2018 at Ignite the Office team unveiled the new look for as well as the addition of a few new deployment features to help you deploy Click-to-run Office products.




The interface has been updated to ease navigation when using the full experience in the web browser and also optimized for the embedded experience for those of you who are using the Office Client Application Wizard in Configuration Manager (as of Current Branch 1806).


New deployment features like MatchOS, Fallback to the CDN and RemoveMSI have been added making it easy to build more complex and capable deployment configurations.


One of the most anticipated features allows you to include Office app settings with the deployment settings, allowing you to set the user preferences for Office according to how your organization uses Office.


Take a look at the session from Ignite 2018 to see an overview of the new experience and a review of the deployment options available.

Session code THR2022 –

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With the recent announcement about Office 2019 Professional Plus, be aware that this product is not currently available in the products list at or when using the Office Client Installation Wizard in the new Configuration Manager 1806 release.


The Office team is currently working on changes needed to support Office 2019 Professional Plus in both of these scenarios and we hope to have an update by the end of October.

Hi Chris,

Almost three month, any update for Office 2019 update...

The 2019 products are included in the product selection options on