Windows Mobile: Preventing Devices from "Falling Back" Early
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First published on TECHNET on Oct 29, 2007

A recent update was posted to the Microsoft Daylight Saving Time & Time Zone hot topics page which details impacts to some users of certain Windows Mobile devices, who may have experienced an early changeover.   A copy of that posting is found below: please refer to the information on the page and contact your mobile operator's customer support line if you experience any difficulties.

Windows Mobile Devices

In observance of the various Daylight Saving Time (DST) and time zone changes, Microsoft has been working closely with customers, partners and others in the industry to help ensure a smooth and seamless transition.  Although updates have been made available for mobile devices running Windows Mobile software, some end users may not have the information needed or followed the steps necessary to apply those patches.

Mobile devices for users who did not update may have experienced the "Fall Back" in North America on October 28th, as some user's mobile devices and their calendars may be incorrectly early by one hour for the following week if the appropriate updates are not applied.  The correct end to DST for 2007 in North America is November 4, 2007.  Microsoft recommendations that those customers needing to update should follow the instructions on for updating their devices.

For the latest news and customer guidance, please visit Microsoft’s Hot Topics web page at .

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