Our organization is only going to patch server OS's. Is there a problem with workstations running an hour behind during the delta period?
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First published on TECHNET on Mar 07, 2007

Q: My organization has decided to patch our server OS only for the DST changes.  We will patch clients after April 1.  Can you tell me if there are any known issues with the client system clocks running one hour behind during hte three week delta period.
A: The difference between the new daylight saving time (DST) start date and the default DST start date is called the “extended DST period.”  This adds four weeks to DST beginning in 2007. If a user creates an appointment during the extended DST period and the machine is not updated on time, the appointment time will be wrong and there is nothing the Exchange administrator can do to correct this.  The user has to manually correct the appointment (after the client’s OS is updated) and only the meeting requestor should correct the appointment.

Users will still be able to authenticate to the domain, however, applications that use the adjusted/display/local time to calculate GMT (such as the Outlook calendar) will be affected.
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