New Hotfix KBs available: Egypt and Venezuela
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First published on TECHNET on Sep 20, 2007

New info is now available on Egyptian and Venezuela for the 2007 Time Zone changes in those countries, on the DST Hot Topics and Latest News page...

Egyptian government announces 2007 Daylight Saving changes
Egypt 2007 Daylight Saving changes: The government of Egypt has announced on August 23rd, 2007, a change in the observance of daylight saving time in the country stating that the time change will take place on September 7th at 1:00AM local time. Officially, the change occurs at 11:59:59 PM Local time (+3 hours EEST, 23:59:59) on September 6th, 2007, when clocks should be moved back to 11:00:00 PM (+2 hours EET) instead of to 12:00:00 AM. For more information, please see Microsoft Knowledge Base article 940427 .
Venezuela announces 2007 Time Zone changes

Venezuelan time zone changes: The government of Venezuela has announced a change to the time zone for the country. To date, Venezuela observed AST. The new time zone change will begin September 24, 2007, when clocks will move backwards 30 minutes, from UTC-4:00 GMT to UTC-4:30. This change begins at 11:59:59 PM local time on September 24. Clocks should be moved back to 11:30:00 PM rather than advancing to 12:00:00 AM (midnight.) For more information, please see Microsoft Knowledge Base article 938977 .

Added Sept 19/07: We have reports tonight that the government may delay the half-hour move all together (see link and translation here ) due to a need to "notify the international organizations such as the Bureau the International of Weights and Measures and the Bureau the International of the Measurement of the Time, located in France."

“It will take at least two to three weeks for the change to take shape. The President of the Republic (Hugo Chavez) will make the official announcement of when [people] will have to move their clocks by half an hour...

"The change of the time zone of Venezuela will take shape within two or three weeks, according to clarified to vice-minister of Planning of the Ministry of the Popular Power for Science and Tecnología, Luis Marcano González."

For now, we are holding the down level hotfix packages, as noted in KB 938977 which has been held back for the moment. As soon as we receive approval from our offices in the region, we will repost the KB and the packages will be available.

Update: The KB is now live and you can request the hotfix by going to .

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