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How will the Exchange tool affect users who are not affected by the DST change (i.e. non US)?
Published Jan 08 2019 01:17 PM 280 Views
First published on TECHNET on Feb 28, 2007

Q: Regarding the Exchange Updater Tool, how will this affect users on our Exchange server who are not affected by the DST change (i.e., India, UK, etc.)?
A: Global customers have to deploy patches for Windows, Exchange and Outlook.   If a company was purely UK with absolutely no US contacts, then they could get by for a while.   The remote subsidiary wants future Exchange patches, KB 926666 will be required for future patches to install.

If business users in states that do not have DST interact with via calendar items with people in states that are impacted, their meeting times could be out of synch.    The DST rules need to be correct, not only for the time zone in which the user is physically present but also for time zones the users interacts with or travels to.

Even if the business is based in a country that will not change with the new 2007 time zones, they may still want to apply the updates.  Especially important if they are scheduling meetings in Outlook across more than one time zone, when one of the locations is in a time zone affected by the change.

The recommendation is to deploy all the time zones and to do so on all the systems

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