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The Microsoft Tech Community platform is a central destination for education and thought leadership on best practices, product news, live events, and roadmap. You can get started by signing in - you'll need a Microsoft email to register (@outlook, @hotmail, @live, etc.).  From there, you can select the "Communities" of interest to you - everything from Microsoft SQL Server to OneNote. Once you've singed up, choose a Community or two to join and learn more about that topic.


You're able to use this platform to read blogs, find events, post discussions, as a hub for Microsoft Learn, and more. You can find the Code of Conduct here - make sure you check that out.


So what is the "Data Architecture" Community, and what will you find here? As you'll see, many of the Communities on this site are arranged by Microsoft products and platforms. They are great places to learn more about how each of these technologies work, best practices, and security for each component. The Data Architecture Community brings multiple technologies into a solution-based approach, focusing on data. You'll find many of the technologies from Microsoft, our partners, and Open Source projects discussed together, and in light of the problems they solve. You've got a team of experts involved in everything from Data Science, Data Literacy, Databases, Data Security and more. This Community focuses on Processes, Procedures, and Platforms to solve real-world data problems.


You can also post questions here, and answers. You can search within this Community and others to find questions with answers - or to answer one yourself. (Of course, always verify any answer or script you might find on a test system - never test in production!) Of course, the best place to get Microsoft support is http://answers.microsoft.com.  The Tech Community is a valuable resource for the community to share best practices and discuss Microsoft products and services, and the members of this community may offer you recommendations and suggestions based on what they've seen and experienced, but it does not replace official Microsoft support.


We look forward to the growth of this Community - and if there's a particular data solution you would like to see covered, post that question as a response to this blog entry. Our technical team will take a look and perhaps make a blog about it. Also, many of our blog authors blog on other Microsoft Tech Communities, so just click their name to learn more. 

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I am looking forward to learning from this community, and hopefully contributing to it as well.

Awesome! Happy to have you here.

Looking forward to this coming live :)


Excellent! I'll be contributing soon. 

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Looking forward for all learning and contribution...
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Awesome. Looking forward to this

Great! Looking forward to learn and contribute to the community. 

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