Wrong date and number format

Wrong date and number format



 May 05 2019
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I'm using an English Windows 10 with regional set to Dansih, but still Excel shows US formatting in all date/time/number formats.







Hi @Lars_Bo_Wassini ,


Thank you for reporting this.


We will look into it and let you know what we find.


Have a very nice day ahead.


Kind regards,

Marie (Danish Language Moderator)

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Hi again @Lars_Bo_Wassini,


So I have received a preliminary answer from our engineering department, and they need a little more information in order to process your question:


1) Can you please confirm that after changing the language, you have restarted your computer in order for the change to take effect?

2) If restart does not work, can you please provide more information on which build version of the OS and Office you use? Can you also specifiy which language you have used during Office installation?


Thanks a lot.


Kind regards,



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1) I haven't changed the language - it's been English for several years -  and I reboot every day





Office is in English


Hi @Lars Bo Wassini 

Thanks for all the additional information. Given your OS & Office version and language info in order to see Danish date and time  formats in Excel you will need to:

1) Add the Danish language pack to Windows. See instructions on how to do that here.

2) Once you add the Danish language then you can set your regional format to Danish also.


3) Close Excel and open it again. Date, time formats should be in Danish. You might need to restart your machine also.


Hope this helps!




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