Stop destroying the Danish UI

Stop destroying the Danish UI



 Mar 29 2019
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Could you please stop destroying perfectly working translations in the Danish Office apps? ;)


Lately I have found this (was perfect in earlier versions).




An Outline is a "disposition", so it should be "Disposition" - like the tip.


In all graphical figures you use "kontur" (was "omrids", which worked better")


I am sad to see the quality of the Danish UI going the wrong way.


Don't get me the wrong way, I'm trying to help you improve your products, but I'm feeling a bit like Sisyphus ;)




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Hi @Jørgen Koch we will get this icon fixed in the next update. Thanks for highlighting it. We really appreciate you taking the time to tell us about it. We will follow up offline to tell you how this happened. Have a great weekend! Staff 


Hi @Jørgen Koch (or should I say Hermes :))

This has been addressed in builds after #16.0.11804.20000. We really appreciate your help in making our Office products better for Danish users.


Hi @Jørgen Koch 


Thank you very much for reporting this issue. We are very sorry to hear that you find the quality is going the wrong way, and we highly appreciate your help!


The reason why some translations change, is that as the language evolves, strings are often re-translated for newer builds, and the translators may not have the exact context available for the term in question. Consequently, they may translate as if this was a graphical figure. We try our best to guide them, and we apologize for the inconvenience.


Please do keep sending your suggestions to us!


Hav en rigtig dejlig solskinsdag!




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Hej @Marie_Koss_Lundoe 


Jeg er klar over udfordringerne ved at oversætte uden kontekst, og håber ikke I følte det alt for nært – håber bare Microsoft sætter lidt flere penge af til oversættelser ;)


Søger I freelance-oversættere, så sig bare til ;)


God Pinse!



Hej @Jørgen Koch 


Absolut no hard feelings! :)

Tværtimod så sætter vi stor pris på din feedback, så vi kan få rettet op på de fejl, der måtte snige sig igennem. :D




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Hej @Marie_Koss_Lundoe 


Super, og ja – snige er det rigtige ord, og vi skal jo huske at i et fejlforum rapporterer vi jo kun fejlene, og ikke de 100 rigtige, der er for hver snigefejl ;)