Name of months in the Danish Outlook

Name of months in the Danish Outlook



 Dec 07 2017
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Regarding the names of the months in the Danish Outlook 2016 (I thinks all versions actually) you're right that the name of a month shouldn't get capitalized. However when it starts a sentence or is used as a heading, it actually should be written like "April 2019" and not "april 2019" like in the screen dump below.




Maybe it's not doable since you're are using same strings for "1-7. april 2019", but now you have been advised ;)




The same is the case regarding local weather where "lørdag" should be "Lørdag" as it is being used as a heading.




Thanks for reporting this Jorgen. We will have our Danish moderator take a look. I noticed in English they are correctly capitalized so we need to figure out why they are not for Danish. We will come back to you in our Report Translation Issues PowerBI report. Regards, Staff 

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Hi @Jørgen Koch

So these strings do not come from Office but Windows.  For many years the Windows data for Danish month names has been in lowercase.  And that the industry standard locale data (see uses lowercase for Danish month names.  If you or we were to ask Windows to make a change they would very likely refer you to CLDR, since that is where they (and most industry participants) get their locale data from these days.   It is true that these industry standard techniques for tracking locale data do not include a special distinction between middle-of-sentence usage of the month name and standalone usage of the month name.  But that has been true across many languages for years.     

So we cannot make this change but you could try requesting this using the Windows feedback app. There is no guarantee it will be fixed. 

Sorry I could not come with better news!




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