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I was wondering why microsoft is not offering developer perks for developers that build skills for cortana. Amazon and google both offer perks for their platforms and I think it would be a nice acknowledgment for developers who work very hard on building up this platform. It does not have to be anything expensive, even a cortana developer sweatshirt would be acceptable. @microsoft Can you explain why this is not done?


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I'd love to see more perks for developers of Cortana. Nadella has said that he's confident that Cortana will be successful ( However, I'd love to see more support for developers, more 'perks' to help draw in some of the developers. Otherwise, I see it becoming a Windows Phone/Zune/Groove Music product. Excellent product, just not backed well by Microsoft management. 



Even a t-shirt is a nice incentive for those on the fence for developing on Cortana. 

Yes this would be nice.

Maybe when these skills have a cost center, we are offered some credit to use 3rd party skills to augment and enhance ours.

I would love to see some financial model that allows devs to create experiences on top of existing skills with a lower cost model than what is provided to existing end users.