Learn Viva Amplify: 8 lesson walk through


Hey communicators. With the release of Viva Amplify I recorded a 1 hour walk through to help us all get started. Or help organisations considering using Amplify to see what it's like. Whether it's your full-time role or one of the functions of your position, Amplify provides a way for us to create, coordinate, publish and report on our communications across multiple channels.


As first release, it's quite functional. It makes smart use of a team for your campaign, the Amplify app for creating and coauthoring publications. The distribution channels help us reach our audiences where they are. We can only publish to the places we have access to. Reporting gives us views and some information about how people have responded to, reacted to, or promoted the publication.

If you have access to Amplify, what do you think of it? Share your first impressions.


If you are interested in seeing the walk-through, you'll find a playlist with 8 lessons to step through in your own timing.

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Such a helpful set of walk throughs. Thank you as always, Darrell. Has anyone else had a chance to try out the new Amplify and what are the most common use cases you are looking forward to solving for using Viva Amplify?
I've been working with it for over a year now, but I'm at an unfair advantage as I'm on the product team that built it. For the common use cases, I've collected some and provided in the form of a campaign catalog which can be found near the bottom of this page: https://adoption.microsoft.com/en-us/viva/amplify/ to help you get started, thinking about the setup as well as the mechanics. Hope that is useful @BillKirst

Hi @Darrell Webster, I've watched the videos and they are great.

I've been trying to test out this tool as well though it takes many hours for Viva Amplify to publish the post/campaign/news to Sharepoint but still I wasn't able to. Did you have to create new web parts on Sharepoint that link back to Viva Amplify or what connections did you create to be able to publish posts from Amplify to Sharepoint Darrell?

Sarah_Vu what you are encountering in SharePoint shouldn't be that way. We are working on it for a fix. Feel free to contact me separately if you like on it.
I have the same problem as well. Sending from Amplify makes the sitepage appear in SharPoint in the library but not as a news on the site. Also the publishing state is 1 instead of 2.
This should be fixed now.