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Will you PROVISION already?!
Published Jan 21 2019 04:01 PM 176 Views

First published on MSDN on Jul 10, 2009

Have you tried your hand at vPRO yet?  If so, you know how cool it is.  f not, you should….and, just wait for ConfigMgr SP2.  Things get easier and better!  Two of the notable improvements are the ability to manage wireless systems and the ability to have control over auto-provisioning.  The later is a huge benefit.  With the SP1 version of vPRO the automatic provisioning will take place but it may be 24 hours before it is even attempted.  There really isn’t much control to speed things along – or is there?  Our handy trusty sendsched.vbs tool will do the trick!  Just like many other ConfigMgr client componens, the provisioning cycle has a schedule token we can ‘kick’ the client so that it asks for provisioning NOW!  The command line for running the tool locally is

cscript sendsched.vbs {00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000120}

The tool can be used remotely tool with a slight modification of the command line to include the name of the remote system.

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