TelAlert and OpsMgr
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First published on MSDN on Dec 02, 2008

Was working recently trying to setup email paging through TelAlert in OpsMgr 2007.  Setting up TelAlert requires using the command notification channel and passing parameters to TelAlert.  Try as we may, there were some issues we just couldn't get around when passing data directly out of OpsMgr to TelAlert.  Ultimately we came up with a script to help us - we would pass the parameters to the script and have the script format and fire off the required TelAlert command line.


A few of the challenges:
-The default web URL available on the command channel command line parameters flyout doesn't resolve the alert portion of the web URL correctly.



This is a known issue when using the command channel so we had to substitute another similar variable.  Instead of using the default (which will insert the variable $UrlEncodeData\Context\DataItem\AlertId$) you can substitute the variable $Data\Context\Dataitem\AlertID$
-Had to enclose the passes parameters in "" due to the fact that some of the variables, namely alert description, had spaces in the data field that were interpreted by the script as individual parameters
-Had to introduce logic into the script to control for scenarios where the " character appeared in the alert data field.

Based on the challenges we faced I've included the vbscript we ultimately got working.  I've commented the script extensively to show what we are doing.  The script in present form may not be immediately workable for others requirements but gives an example that works and can be easily modified.  The script is attached in text file format - just rename to vbs.



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