Teams Tidbits - Skype for Business to Teams Capabilities Roadmap
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First published on TECHNET on Nov 01, 2017
Hello All,

This information just came across my inbox, so I thought I would share it with you.  If you have not heard we are going to be folding Skype for Business into Teams as it moves forward as the hub for teamwork in Office 365.  All of these features can or will be able to be found on the O365 Roadmap as they rollout.

NOTE: As always any dates or feature sets could change or slip, this information should be used for testing and learning only.

By category here is how the features stacks up:


  Available Today Coming by Mar 31 2018
Enterprise Grade

    • Persistent 1:1 and Group Conversations

    • Team + Channels for Teams Productivity

    • Hide/Share/Mute Chat

Skype for Business interop and federation

    • Teams-SfB 1:1 Chat Interop

    • Guest Access for External Users

    • Contact Groups

    • Unified Presence

    • Federated Chat between Teams and Skype for Business

    • Import Contacts from Skype for Business

    • Skype for Business Interop with Persistent Chat

Platform and devices

    • Windows, Mac, Edge, Chrome iOS, Android, Windows Phone

IT Pro

    • Messaging Tenant-level policies

    • eDiscovery/Hold/Archiving of Messages

    • Messaging Policies

    • Message Retention Policies

    • Messaging Interop IT Policies


  Available Today Coming by Dec 31 2017 Coming by Jun 30 2018
Enterprise Grade

    • Schedule in Outlook & Teams

    • Private and Channel Meetings

    • User Facing Diagnostics

    • 80 users in a meeting

    • Audio Conferencing (preview)

    • Participant Management

    • Improved Device Selection

    • Audio Conferencing in over 90 countries

    • Anonymous Join

    • Interactive Troubleshooting

    • Lobby Support

    • Mute Other Participants

    • Broadcast Meetings

    • Cloud Recording

    • Federated Meetings

    • Large Meeting Support (~250)

    • Lobby for PSTN callers

    • Outlook meeting schedule from other platforms (OWA, OLK, mobile)

    • PSTN Fallback

Collaborative meetings

    • Enable Meeting Lifecycle with Pre/During/Post

    • Desktop sharing

    • Conversations

    • Immersive Meeting Experiences

    • Application Sharing

    • Give and Take Control in sharing

    • PowerPoint Load and Share

    • Whiteboard and Meeting Notes

Platform and devices

    • Windows, Mac

    • Mobile: iOS and Android Meetings

    • Edge, Chrome Browser Support for meetings

    • Enable VTC Interop Services*

    • Skype Room Systems Support*

    • Surface Hub Support

    • Trio 1 Touch Teams Meeting Join*

IT Pro

    • Call Quality Diagnostic Portal

    • Tenant Policies

    • Enable Call Quality Analytics

    • User-Level Meeting Policy

    • eDiscovery enhancements

* Capability has third party dependencies


  Coming by Dec 31 2017 Coming by Jun 30 2018 Coming by Dec 31 2018
Enterprise Grade

    • Blind Transfer

    • Call Blocking

    • Call Forwarding

    • Caller ID Masking

    • e911 Support

    • Extension Dialing

    • Translate user input to standard format phone #

    • Hold

    • Multi-call Handling

    • Simultaneous Ringing

    • Speed Dial

    • Suggested Contacts

    • Voicemail

    • Enable Existing Calling Plan Support

    • Boss and Delegate Support

    • Call Queues

    • Consultative & Safe Transfer

    • Do not Disturb breakthrough

    • Distinctive Ring

    • 1:1 to Group Call Escalation with Teams, Skype for Business, and PSTN participants

    • Forward to Group

    • Organizational Auto-Attendant

    • Transfer to PSTN Call

    • Hybrid connection to Teams

    • Out of Office Support

    • Call Park

    • Group Call Pickup

    • Location-Based Routing

    • Shared Line Appearance

Skype for Business interop & fed

    • SfB-Teams Calling

    • Teams Interop Policies

    • Call Support between Teams & Skype Consumer

Platform and Devices

    • Windows, Mac, Edge, iOS, Android

    • TTY Support

    • Support for existing certified SIP Phones*

    • USB HID

IT Pro

    • SfB-Teams Interop Policies

    • Call Quality Diagnostic Portal

    • eDiscovery Enhancements


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