SQL Server 2014 and SharePoint supportability

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First published on MSDN on Mar 24, 2014

SQL Server 2014 just hit RTM. I'm sure all the tech junkies out there are wondering when SharePoint will support SQL 2014. According to Bill's post, it looks like official support for SQL 2014 and SharePoint 2013 will be included in the April 2014 CU for SharePoint 2013.


I'm sure some of you are going to ask about SharePoint 2010. I haven't seen anything official, but I'll venture a guess that we'll never officially support SharePoint 2010 and SQL 2014.






UPDATE 8/5/2015:
SP2010 is not supported on SQL 2014. There are no plans to support it in the future.


This link talks about how you can use PowerPivot/SQL 2014/Analysis Services and SP2010 together. That combo is supported, but only that combination. You cannot host SP2010 databases on SQL 2014.

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