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First published on TECHNET on Apr 16, 2019
Hello All,

Following the post Custom learning for Office 365 I thought I would bring to you another awesome kit that can help your users with adopting SharePoint Online. You can find this open-source project and download from GitHub and you can reuse any of these assets any way you want in your own work.

SharePoint Communication Sites have great out-of-the-box capabilities, but the out-of-the-box capabilities may not always be sufficient for your scenarios. This solution addresses common scenarios and tasks you may encounter when introducing those customizations, and provides examples and guidance on how you might address them including:

    • Automated provisioning of simple demo content within a communication site


    • Automated provisioning of the whole solution to any tenant within minutes


    • Automated configuration of Site Scripts and Site Designs at the tenant level using the PnP Remote Provisioning engine


    • Implementation of different customizations for SharePoint Online


    • Usage of Office UI Fabric and reusable PnP SPFx controls within the customizations

Here are current pre-requirements for making this solution work in your tenant.

    • You will need to be a tenant administrator to be able to deploy this solution



    • Release preferences for your tenant will need to be set as "Targeted release for everyone" option (also known as First Release)


    • Add the used tenant administrator account as Term Store Administrator in the Taxonomy Term Store through the SharePoint Admin Center


    • A tenant 'App Catalog' must have been created within the 'Apps' option of the SharePoint Admin Center

Check out this video is also available directly from YouTube .

Check this link for more resources around Modern UI


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