SharePoint Tidbit - SharePoint Migration Assessment Tool
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First published on TECHNET on Jan 12, 2018

As you plan your migration to the cloud I think it will help you to understand your on-prem farm and the possible issues you will face as you migrate if you run the SharePoint Migration Assessment Tool that was created by several PFE’s and now maintained thru the product group.

The tool will scan your farm and provide some general information about it, but more importantly it will provide you with a list of what issues you might run into during your migration to the cloud.  You can download the tool here

Command Line Usage

SMAT.exe [-o] [-t] [-sv] is a command line application with three parameters:

-o    Output folder to store logs and reports generated by this tool.

If it already exists, all content will be overwritten.

Default value is \Log folder in the current directory.

-t    Maximum number of threads to run in parallel. The minimum is 1, the maximum is the total number of processors for the machine.

Default value is half of the available processors for the machine.

-sv  Skips pre-flight check


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