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First published on TECHNET on Jun 05, 2013

Hello All,,


Being able to bring relevant data to the users is more important than ever in this socially connected world, and the best way to do this with SharePoint 2013 is thru the Web Analytics and the recommendations framework


With this version of SharePoint we moved Web Analytics from being its own disconnected standalone feature to being part of search with access to everything in the index and the features of Search.  So what does that mean you’ll be able to do?


We can now analyze clicks, queries, and other user actions as well as the different items being crawled in Search.  This analyses is done in the background and stored in a reporting database just like we did in SharePoint 2010, but again like I had said now it is run under the Search Service.  As well we have usage events which allow you to track different usage within Search and this can be customized, so you can track things like how often somebody clicked a link while using the ios platform or from any other platform for that matter.


As well the analyzes process creates recommendation based on what other people have searched for and actually clicked on, so now when a user searches for some item we can deliver not only the relevant results but weight them based on past clicks.


Based on a users search we can now show them what was popular with other users that searched for the same thing, sort of like amazon’s ‘What other people bought…’


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