Presence Awareness in SharePoint

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In case you don’t realize the way this works is a web part or page that contains the Presence Indicator, calls an Active X controls that calls the ‘name.dll’ on the users local PC which makes a call to the Lync/OCS API


Insure the client machine has the following

    1. They are using IE or a browser that supports Active X


    1. Active X is configured to be allowed (At least for zone that SharePoint Sites are in)


    1. You have installed a supported version of Office and it has all its updates. (Active X and name.dll are installed with Office)


    1. Has Lync, OCS, or Messenger installed


    1. Users need to have their SIP address in there SharePoint Profile

Possible issues

    1. Corrupted DLL on Client machine, try Office repair


    1. Bug in name.dll, insure that Office and Internet Explorer are up to date


    1. ActiveX control is not calling into name.dll, insure that SharePoint Sites are in trusted zone and allows the use of Active X controls


    1. Check that User in Site Collection has SIP address, if not.  Then check the SSP, if it does then you need to troubleshoot the sync between Content Database and SSP.


    1. Active Directory user id is missing SIP, add it and wait for User Profile replication.


    1. Mixed versions of Office Components can cause failure in name.dll, insure that you have the same version of Outlook, Excel, SharePoint Designer and other Office Products.



Plan presence integration (Office SharePoint Server)

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