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First published on TECHNET on Nov 06, 2018
Hello All,

Recently had some questions about Project and Planner so thought I would provide some information that came thru my inbox.

Question: The Project client offers Scrum and Kanban projects. Will this functionality be integrated in the Project Online Web Access as well?

Answer: Yes, but not in the existing Project Online. This will be part of the new Project Service we recently announced and will become available early next year. Beside a Kanban functionality in the web access there will also be a full agile/Scrum implementation via AzureBoards

Question: Is there an administrative console that offers detailed file and folder reporting for Planner groups/Planner SharePoint usage for admins?

Answer: Planner is based on O365 Groups and uses SharePoint Online for file storage etc. You can look into O365 Usage Reports to understand who and how are using your Planner sites:

Question: What is the recommendation for introducing Planner into an organization (centralized management with limited users/groups vs. open access for all employees)? Are there any best practices?

Answer: Check out this document for Admins, specifically how to manage who can create plans the

Video’s for you viewing pleasure, work management:

Driving success with Project Online


Teams, Planner and Project Online - Better Together


The flexible work methodologies of Microsoft Project

Sneak preview of the new Project (Service):

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Project Service Automation: Augmenting existing applications


Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Project Service Automation: How Microsoft is digitally transforming

For your reading pleasure here is some great articles around Planner integration:

Microsoft 365 Planner roadmap:


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