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O365 Tidbit - Azure On-premises Data gateway
Published May 15 2019 03:19 PM 337 Views

First published on TECHNET on Dec 14, 2017
Hello All,

The Azure On-premises Data Gateway is designed to facilitate secure communication between cloud resources like PowerApps, Flow, PowerBi and Azure Analysis and your on-prem resources like SQL, Files, or SharePoint.  The gateway has several requirements

    1. On-prem server to install the gateway to


    1. Tenant id


    1. Azure Gateway Cloud Service and Azure Service Bus


    1. Opening the following Outbound ports 443, 5671, 5672,9350 – 9354

The Azure gateway should be in the same location as the Azure Resource that is using it, which in turn they should be in the same general area as your on-prem gateway and data source, for more details see this article .

You can follow this article to install and configure the gateway on your network.

Hardware requirements can be found here .

For more information see this article .

Things to remember:

    1. The gateway is for connecting cloud resources (Power BI, Azure Analysis Service, etc) to on-prem resources and not the other way around.


    1. Gateway can connect to many resources in your enterprise and does not require that those resources be on the same server as it.  However for best performance it is recommended that the gateway and sources be in the same datacenter


    1. Credentials are stored in cloud, but decrypted only once they reach on-prem


    1. Recommend good network throughput like that provided by ExpressRoute


    1. Number of users that consume a report that uses a gateway does matter, size your hardware appropriately


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