No Software Assurance? Must-Dos after Feature Pack Installation
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First published on TECHNET on Sep 15, 2017
Microsoft just released Feature Pack 2 for SharePoint 2016 using the Public Update Channel. Feature Packs include new functionality for On Premises SharePoint Farms and try to limit feature gaps to SharePoint Online.

Great improvements have been published through Feature Pack 1 and 2:

    • SharePoint Framework (SPFx)


    • Administrative Actions Logging


    • MinRole enhancements


    • SharePoint Custom Tiles


    • Hybrid Auditing (preview)


    • Hybrid Taxonomy


    • OneDrive API for SharePoint on-premises


    • OneDrive for Business modern experience (available to Software Assurance customers)

The License Trap

The last point in the list above should catch your explicit attention: OneDrive for Business modern experience can only be used by Software Assurance customers,

By installing Feature Pack 1 or 2, OneDrive for Business modern experience is turned on by default even though this feature requires a valid Software Assurance.

Make sure you meet this license requirement. If this is not the case you have to disable OneDrive for Business modern experience. This is an easy task, but this one has to be completed right after the installation of Feature Pack 1 or 2.

See how it works: Configure the OneDrive for Business modern user experience .

How to check if the Modern UI is active

If you want to do a quick check for which OneDrive UI currently is active in your farm, run the following command using the SharePoint Management Shell:

$Farm = Get-SPFarm

The image above shows an active OneDrive Modern User Experience.
(Version2 is the Modern OneDrive UI, Version1 is the Classic UI)


Final Note

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