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Moving a SharePoint 2013 site template from On Premise to the Cloud aka Office 365
Published Feb 08 2019 12:51 PM 375 Views

First published on MSDN on Feb 25, 2013

I've recently volunteered for a project to recreate a couple of site templates for SP2013. During this process, I was creating the items on a farm in my lab. (On Premise/Private Cloud) When I finished up my work, I needed to test that the template worked on O365. When I moved the template over, I was getting errors creating new sites with the template. The errors stated that I wasn't licensed for some enterprise features on the E3 trial I was using. (From my limited understanding of O365 licensing and features, I thought I should be licensed) Anyway, I needed to make this work, and in a hurry. The error message I was getting was something along the lines of "Not licensed for this feature" with the information about the feature listed. You can see the specific error message below. In order to move this over to the cloud, I needed to deactivate this feature. I checked the Site Features and Site Collection feature pages in the site administration section of the site, but I didn't see anything that matched the feature name. The feature must have been hidden. I looked in the 15 hive, and found in fact that it is hidden by default. (No changing files in the 15 hive!)  You could use the PowerShell command let Disable-SPFeature to disable the feature. I used SharePoint Manager . After exporting the site again, and moving the template back to the cloud, the site created successfully.


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