MOM Operator console sluggish
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First published on MSDN on Feb 20, 2006

Have you ever had problems with the MOM Operator console running slowly?  This came up just recently so thought I would take some time to list out some common issues.


-  For a single MOM management group the support limit for number of MOM operator consoles is 15.


In some environments it may be common to launch all consoles that may be needed throughout the day and allow them to run minimized until needed.  For most consoles this is fine but the MOM operator console may be an exception.  Even when minimized the operator console continues to actively query the SQL server and maintain a list of current information.  By default this refresh interval is set to update the console every 60 seconds.  With 15 consoles running and refreshing every 60 seconds and depending on the volume of data in SQL, latency would be expected.  It would be better to only open the operator console when it is needed.  Another possible solution would be to increase the refresh interval of the consoles.


-  Use the MOM web console


Some users may not need the rich view of the MOM environment that the operator console provides.  In such cases simply using the more compact MOM web console may be more appropriate


-  Data processing backlogs


The MOM operator console performance may also be impacted if the MOM management servers are overloaded.  If the management servers are extremely busy with data being inserted into the SQL database the MOM operator console may slow down as a result.  Be sure rules are tuned effectively to avoid alert/event storms.  The alert tuning solution accelerator ( ) can help with this.


-  Excessive MOM logging


In addition to too much data coming into the MOM management server, if a management server logging is set to a loglevel above 4 for a long period or if the management server temporary storage value is greater than 95 MB it is possible to get into a data backlogged situation as described above that could impact operator console performance.


-  Slow WAN links


Operator consoles attempting to communicate with SQL across slow or saturated WAN links may be sluggish due to the volume of data being received from SQL server.



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