MMS 2013 - Orchestrator and ConfigMgr - Better Together
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First published on MSDN on Apr 15, 2013

During my ConfigMgr 2012/Orchestrator 2012 session at MMS I promised to post the demo runbooks I used during the session.  As a reminder, The demo runbooks are fairly basic and are designed to stimulate ideas about what is possible and not presented as a complete solution for the tasks described.  Also, the session presented was not an attempt to discuss Orchestrator design, architecture, security, etc.  All of these are worthy and valid topics that need to be explored when considering an Orchestrator deployment.  If you are just getting started with Orchestrator design a good starting point for understanding design options is here .


The demo runbooks are as follows:


RichCopy Application post install action – this runbook is called using SCOjobrunner as part of an application deployment and is designed to initiate post deployment actions after a successful application deployment.


CMTrace Package Deployment – This runbook is an effort to show how it’s possible to approximate the various goodness from the app model even through package deployment.


OSD Imaging Demo – This runbook is a demonstration of using runbook parameters, either supplied manually as in this runbook, or supplied from a sharepoint list, excel spreadsheet, text file, web page, etc., to create a collection, assign collection variables, import a system into configmgr and then associated an imaging deployment with the collection – all in just a few steps.


Compliance Settings – This demo shows a runbook that can read the membership of a collection that is populated based on failed compliance evaluation and take action to remediate the condition.


Unix/Linux Client Install – This runbook comes from Neil Peterson and shows how a runbook can be used to push the Unix/Linux client to systems.


Those that weren’t at the MMS session may not find these runbooks as meaningful but they are attached for you.



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