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Continuous delivery in DevOps
Published May 15 2019 03:28 PM 519 Views

First published on TECHNET on Sep 04, 2018
Hello All,

Was part of a great discussion this week on Continuous Delivery and wanted to share some of that information with you.

Like it or not the way we deliver services to our users is changing, they are demanding new features faster and without issues.  And DevOps is how you will provide that or more specifically using Continuous delivery.  The essential idea is the following:

    1. Create rings or slices (Release pipeline) for build, test, configure, and deploy of code/feature.


    1. Monitor rings for events or triggers.


    1. Code can’t move between rings without getting a passing grade from a decision making entity.


    1. Automation is a key to success in this process.


    1. Consider using load balancing to control which ring users can use.

At the heart this process is about getting ideas, working on those ideas, testing that work, and then deploying.  This will require your team to rethink how you work and how you design, but the pay off is worth it.  Thru Continuous Delivery you will see improvements in how often you deliver features, how successful those changes are, to work/life balance of your engineers.

Check out this great success story here , for how Microsoft Bing does Continuous Delivery.

If you’re interested look at the service Continuous Integration and Delivery built into VSTS and Azure.

Finally if you’re interested in reading up on Continuous delivery look at these articles:


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