ConfigMgr Current Branch - Windows Update for Business

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First published on MSDN on Jan 25, 2018

Check out this video tutorial I have posted over at the ConfigMgr blog here .

Description of the video:
Ensuring software updates are applied across an organization is a key focus area for system administrators. Configuration Manager has been used by thousands of organizations for years to aid in this pursuit.  Other organizations have opted to use standalone WSUS for their software updates needs while still others may rely solely on the built-in engine to pull updates from Microsoft Updates.

Windows Update for Business, which was introduced around the time of the Windows 10 release, offers an additional option to aid administrators in the critical pursuit of ensuring systems are kept up to date. Understanding what Windows Update for Business is and how it can be implemented either standalone or through integration with Configuration Manager is critical, so you make the best choice for your business.


Please share comments on the video.  I am considering posting other videos like this on various ConfigMgr related topics and your comments will be valuable feedback for me to review.

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