Breaking Into Windows Server 2019: LEDBAT: Latency Optimized Background Transport

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First published on TechNet on Jul 26, 2018

Happy Thursday all! Brandon Wilson here to give a heads up to all of our outstanding readers about a new post in the blog series by the Windows Core Networking team on the Top 10 networking features in Windows Server 2019. To say it in the Product Group's own words, here you go…


"This week, the Windows Core Networking team continues their Top 10 Networking features in Windows Server 2019 blog series with: #9 - LEDBAT - Latency Optimized Background Transport

Each blog contains a "Try it out" section so be sure to grab the latest Insider's build and give them some feedback!"


Here is an excerpt to give you a brief view of the topic at hand:


"Keeping a network secure is a never-ending job for IT Pros, and doing so requires regularly updating systems to protect against the latest threat vectors.  This is one of the most common tasks that an IT Pro must perform.  Unfortunately, it can result in dissatisfaction for end-users as the network bandwidth used for the update can compete with interactive tasks that the end user requires to be productive.

With Windows Server 2019, we bring a latency optimized, network congestion control provider called LEDBAT which scavenges whatever network bandwidth is available on the network, and uses it"


This is some more information you do not want to miss! If you have comments or questions on the post, your most direct path for questions will be in the link above.


Thanks for reading, and we'll see you again soon!


Brandon Wilson

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