5 Minute FIM Hacks: Increasing Number of Search Results (ListView)

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First published on MSDN on Sep 29, 2014

This is the second in a series of posts we’ll be calling “5 Minute FIM Hacks”. The purpose of these posts will be to provide quick and simple tips and tricks for customizing FIM to make it perform better or be easier to use.




Today’s 5 Minute FIM Hack is about changing the number of returned ListView items. When browsing/searching lists of objects in the FIM portal (such as Users), we are seeing ListViews. By default, this value is set to 30 (meaning only 30 results will be displayed at a time). While it wouldn’t be a good idea to set this to a crazy value (such as 30,000), we can increase the default returns and make dealing with lists somewhat more manageable.  To begin, navigate to the FIM portal home screen and, in the bottom left-hand corner, click on “Administration”:





From the “Administration” menu, select “Portal Configuration”:





In the “Portal Configuration” dialogue, click on the “Extended Attributes” tab.





Scroll down to the “ListView Items per Page” value. Notice the default is set to 30. We will be changing this to 100. Once changed, click “OK”.





Click “Submit” to finish.








The final step is to perform an “iisreset” from an elevated command prompt.





It is worth noting this value can be set accordingly based on your environment. If, for example, we needed to delete the first 1,000 users from the FIM portal, we could set this value to 250. This would result in only needing to delete four pages (rather than ten). I would, however, caution you against leaving this set to 250. I would more strongly caution you against setting this value higher than 250. If, for example, this value was set to 30,000, there will be a marked slowness to FIM any time you display a list of items. What’s more, notice the value directly below the one we’ve changed:



The default caching behavior here is set to 3 pages. What this means is, as configured in the above image, we will cache 3 pages of 100 each (300 total). If the return value were set to, say, 30,000, we’d actually be caching 90,000 objects. This could potentially have a majorly negative impact of portal performance.




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