Welcome to the Bing Chat Enterprise discussion page!


Hello and welcome to the Bing Chat Enterprise discussion page!


Here you can can ask questions, provide feedback, or otherwise discuss all things Bing Chat Enterprise.


This acts to replace the comments section from our previous Microsoft 365 blog "Bing Chat Enterprise FAQ". The formal FAQ has been moved to our MS Learn Bing Chat Enterprise documentation.


Feel free to start a new discussion with a question or feedback and label it using the ones provided or one you create!


Again, welcome! We're excited to see what you and your organizations can do using Bing Chat Enterprise.

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Hi Eric, is there a way to see usage insights for Bing Chat Enterprise at the anonymized tenant level, as we have for other Microsoft 365 services? It would be useful for organizations evaluating the usage of the service, as well as justification for perhaps upgrading to Microsoft 365 Copilot as an example, they can then justify the cost of additional licensing as there is existing usage data and metrics around the usage of the free add-on service.
Hi Callum, at this time, there isn't a way for customers to see usage insights for Bing Chat Enterprise. If that functionality becomes available, we'll publish documenation and issue comms to customers.
Hi a few weeks ago I could use BCE for summarising word documents (and others) using the sidebar. This seems to have stopped working for at least a week - is this intentional?